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Products > engine > Yunnei engine > yunnei engine assembly
Product name : yunnei engine assembly
Item : 2014910171650
Item : yunnei engine assembly
Part number : 
Pacakge : Wooden case
Brand : 
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Contact Person:Cathy Xia 
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Skype: Cathyxia5 

 yunnei engine assembly :

GB898-76 BoltAM8×70
GB119-86 PinA12×25
GB898-76 BoltAM10×45
495QA-01-021 Oil nozzle
4100QB-01-026 Gasket, back plate of gear case to cylinder block
4100QBZL-01-027 Gear case housing
4100QB-01-030B Gasket, cover of injection advancer
4100QB-01-031B Cover of injection advancer
GB97-76 Spring washer8
GB21-76 BoltM8×65
GB5782-86 BoltM6×16
4100QBZL-01-028 Gasket, gear case housing
4100QBZL-01-029 Gear case housing
GB97-85 Spring washer6
GB93-87 Spring washer6
GB5783-2000 BoltM6×12
4100QBZL-19.03-FT transitiong wheel assembly
YFR055080.0 Oil seal
GB6170-86 Nut.M10
GB93-87 Spring washer.Φ10
GB97.1-85 washer.Φ10
GB5783-76 Bolt.M10×25
 “O” Seal ring
GB897-88 Bolt.AM10×30
GB96-85 Spring washer10
GB93-87 washer10
GB6170-86 Nut.M10
4102QB-01.01-002 Main bearing cap(Ⅰ)
4100QB-01-017 Plug.Φ15
4102QB-01.01-005 Bolt, main bearing cap
4102QB-01.01-003 Main bearing cap.(Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ)
GB898-88 Bolt.AM8×20
4102QB-01.01-004 Main bearing cap (Ⅴ), rear
4100QBZL-01.11-BJ Front engine bracket (right)
GB21-76 Bolt.M10×25
GB5782-2000 Bolt.M10×70
GB898-88 Bolt.AM8×35
GB6170-86 Nut.M8
GB93-87 Spring washer.10
GB96-85 Spring washer.8
GB898-88 Bolt.AM8×38
JX0814D Lubricating oil filter
4100QB-01-038A Gasket,connecting board, oil .filter
4100QB-01-019 Plug.Φ6
495QA-01.01-007 Plug Φ32
4100QBZ-01.01-001-G Cylinder block
495QA-01-022 Locating bush
4100QBZ-01-011 Cylinder liner
4100QB-01-012 Water seal ring, cylinder liner
4100QB-01-024A Gasket
495QA-01-023 Drive shaft bush of lub-oil pump
4100QBZL-01.07B.01-G Rear side cover, cylinder block
4100QB-01-057 Gasket, side cover
495QA-01-016 “O” Seal ring
4100QB-01-015A Plug
4100QB-01-047-FT clutch housing
GB21-76 Bolt.M12×32
GB898-88 Bolt.AM12×25
DL100×125×12 Oil seal
4100QB-01-045A Gasket, clutch housing
4100QB-03.02-005A Plug .Φ15
GB119-86 Pin.A12×30
4100QBZL-01.10-BJ Front engine bracket (left)
GB21-76 Bolt.M10×25
GB923-88 Cap Nut .M8
JB982-77 Washer.8
4102QB-01-056 Front side cover, cylinder block
GB898-88 Bolt.AM8×28
4100QB-01-025A Cover, oil pump drive shaft
GB21-76 Bolt.M8×25
GB5783-86 Bolt.M10×25
GB93-87 Spring Washer.Φ10
2100QB-03-021 Rear lifting eye
495QA-01.01-007 Plug.Φ32
4100QBZL-01-005 Gasket, cylinder head to cylinder block
495QA-03.01-006 Plug Φ24
4100QB-01-002 Bolt (Ⅱ), cylinder head
4100QB-01-003 Bolt (Ⅲ), cylinder head
GB898-88 BoltM8×40
GB93-76 Spring washer 8
GB51-76 Nut M8
4100QB-01-001 Bolt (Ⅰ), cylinder head
4100QBZL-03.03.02 Oil filler cap
4100QBZL-03.03.01 Cylinder head cover
4100QB-03-017 Nut, cylinder head cover
4100QB-03-016 Gasket
4100QB-03-015 Seal rubber ring
GB898-88 Bolt AM10×75
4100QB-03-014-FEV Gasket, cylinder head cover
GB5783-86 Bolt M10×25
GB93-87 Spring washer 10
4100QBZL-03-020-FT Front lifting eye
495QA-03.01-006 Plug Φ24
GB21-76 Bolt M8×16
GB93-87 Spring washer 8
495QA-03-009 Cylinder rear cover
495QA-03-008 Gasket, rear cover
4100QBZL-03.01A Cylinder head
4100QBZ-04A-003 Top compression ring
4100QBZ-04A-002 Second compression ring
4100QBZ-04.01A-002 Expander
4100QB-04.01-003 Latch
4100QBZ-04.01A-001 Side rail
4100QB-04-005 Piston pin
4100QBZL-04-001 Piston
495QA-04.02-004 Connecting rod bushing
4100QB-04.02B Connecting rod
4100QBZ-04-006 Connecting rod bearing shell
4100QB-04.02-003 Connecting rod bolt
GB893.1-86 Retaining ring Φ35
4100QB-05-001-NJ Bolt, V-belt pulley, crankshaft
4100QBZL-05.03-FT V-belt pulley, crankshaft
4100QBZL-05-004 Oil baffle disc
4100QBZ-05-006A Crankshaft
4102QB-01-009 Main bearing lower shells, Ⅰ, Ⅴ
4102QB-01-007 Main bearing lower shells, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ
GB278-82 Ball bearing 60203-2Z
GB119-86 Straight pin B10×25
4100QB-05-008C Flywheel
4102QB-05-010 Bolt, flywheel
4102QB-05-009A Check washer
495QA-05-011 Bolt, flywheel
4102QBZ-05-007 Gear ring of flywheel
4102QB-01-010 Crankshaft thrust washer
4102QB-01-006 Main bearing upper shells, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ
4102QB-01-008 Main bearing upper shells, Ⅰ, Ⅴ
GB1096-76 Flat key A10×60
255Y Clutch plate assembly
255CC Diaphragm spring pressure plate assembly
4100QB-01-014 Bushing ( Ⅲ), camshaft
4102QB-02-001A Camshaft
4100QB-01-014-Ⅱ Bushing (Ⅱ), camshaft
GB1096-79 Flat key A8×22
GB93-87 Spring washer 8
GB21-76 Bolt M8×25
4100QB-01.02-002 Antiextrusion ring, idle gear
GB93-87 Spring washer 12
GB21-76 Bolt M12×32
4100QB-02-004 Thrust plate, camshaft
4100QB-01-013A Bushing (Ⅰ) .camshaft
4100QB-03.02-008 Rear bracket, rocker arm shaft
GB894.1-86-20 Retaining ring Φ20
4100QB-03.02-006 Washer
4100QB-03.02.01-002 Bushing, rocker arm
4100QB-03.02.01-001 Rocker arm
4100QB-03.02-001 Rocker arm stand
4100QB-03.02-004 Spring, rocker arm shaft
495QA-02-006 Push rod
495QA-02-005 Tappet
4100QBZ-03-001A Exhaust valve
4100QBZ-03.01-003A Exhaust valve seat insert
4100QB-1A-03-003A Outer spring
4100QB-1A-03-004A Inner spring
4100QB-1A-03-005 Valve spring retainer
4100QB-03-006C Collets, valve
4100QB-03-002A Inlet valve
4100QB-03.01-004A Inlet valve seat insert
4100QB-03.01-005 Valve guide
4100QB-03.02-007 Front bracket, rocker arm shaft
4100QB-03.02-003 Rocker arm shaft
4100QB-03.02-005A Plug Φ14
4100QB-03.02-002 Adjusting screw, rocker arm
GB6171-86 Nut M8×1
GB898-88 Bolt AM8×60
GB30-76 Bolt.M8×16
GB93-87 Spring washer. 6
4100QBL-01-033 fuel injectiong pump gear
GB21-76 BoltM12×22
GB93-87 Spring washer
4100QB-01.02-002 Antiextrusion ring, idle gear
4100QB-05-005A Timing gear, crankshaft
4100QB-01.02.01-001A Idle gear
4100QB-01.02-001 Shaft, idle gear
4100QB-01.02.01-002A Bushing, idle gear
4100QB-02-002A Timing gear, camshaft
4100QBZL-08-001C Intake manifold
4100QB-03-029-FEV Gasket, intake manifold
4100QBZL-09.01.01A Blind against exhausting
4100QBZ-09-001A-Ⅲ Exhaust manifold
4100QBZ-03-030 Bolt L=45mm
4100QBZ-03-030 Bolt L=35mm
4100QBZ-09-005 Gasket, exhaust manifold
HP55(Z5201-09) Nut
4100QBZ-09-005 Turbo-charger
4100QBZ-09-006B Nut
4100QBZ-09.02-004A Bolt AM8X30
4100QBZL-09.02-EQ Flanged packing of exhausting tail pipe
GB97.1-85 Exhausting tail pipe
GB93-87 Washer.6-140HV
GB5783-86 Washer.6
4100QB-08.01-Ⅰ Bolt M6×16
4100QBZL-08-002 A-JH Heater of air(24V/600W)
GB898-88 Intake connecting pipe
GB6170-86 Bolt AM8×50
GB93-87 Nut .M8
GB97.1-85 Washer .8
4100QB-08-002A Washer.8
4100QBZ-09-006B Gasket, intake manifold
GB898-88 Bolt AM8×50
GB898-88 Bolt.AM8×20
GB898-88 Bolt.AM8×20
4100QB-01-054A Gasket, oil sump
4100QBZL-01.06.01-G Oil sump weld assembly
GB97-76 Washer 8
GB93-87 Spring washer 8
GB21-76 Bolt M8×20
4100QB-1A- Drain plug
JG982-77 Washer M18X2F
GB51-76 Nut 8
4100QB-01.06.03A-FT Dipstick tube assembly
4100QBZL-01.06.02 Dipstick assembly
4100QBZL-01.06-004-FT Support plate
4100QBZ-11-006 Link bolt
YNF0-001 Copper washer
4100QBZL-11.12A-Ⅰ Turbo-charger oil inlet pipe
4100QBZ-11.11-001A Flanged packing
4100QBZ-11.11.01A(L=355) Turbo-charger oil outlet pipe
GB97.1-85 Washer 6
GB93-87 Spring washer 6
GB5783-86 Bolt M6×20
4100QBZL-01.15.03A Thermos waterdrainage bracket
4100QBZL-01.15.04 Waterdrainage rubber pipe,lub-oil cooler
4100QBZL-01.15.01A Lubricating oil cooler
4100QBZ-01.03F Lubricating oil pump assembly
4100QB-01.03D-011 Helical gear with shaft
495QA-01.03-001 Adjusting shim
4100QBZ-01.03.04A Oil outlet pipe assy
GB5783-86 Bolt M8×20
GB93-97 Spring washer 8
4100QB-01.03-008A Gasket
4100QB-06-017A Rubber hose
Q68030 Clip
4100QBZL-06.01-FT Water pump assembly
Z420-60-7 Fan assy
AV17X1265(1210Li) Fan belt
4100QBZL-19.02-FT Spread pressing ring
495QA-01-058C Bolt M10×130
GB/T5783-2000 Bolt M10×40
GB97-85 washer 10
GB93-87 Spring washer 10
GB6170-86 Nut M10
JFWZ29C1W Generator
4100QBZL-01-060-FT Generator bracket assembly
4100QBZL-01-062A-FT Generator bracket assembly
4100QB-03-010 Gasket, front cover
4100QBZL-03.04-D thermostat
GB97-76 Washer8
GB93-87 Spring washer 8
GB21-76 Bolt M8×45
GB21-76 Bolt M8×25
4100QBZL-01.08-001 Control rod, cock assembly
4100QB-01.08-002A Support of control rod
6105Q-1305010A Water drain cork
GB91-862×25 Cotter pin 3×25
4100QB-01.08-004 Protect sleeve
GB30-76 Bolt M6×16
GB93-87 Spring washer 8
QD263Y Starter
GB52-76 Nut M12
GB93-87 Spring washer 12
GB898-88 Bolt AM12×25
4100QB-11.01.03B Single cylinder high pressure fuel pipe clamp
CX0708B Fuel filter
GB97-76 Washer 10
GB93-87 Spring washer 10
GB/T 6170-2000 Thin hexagon M10
4100QBZL-01-036 Pump support
4100QB-11.03-WG Fuel pipe
9087060088 washer M10X1.5F M10×1
4100QB-11-010 Hollow connection
4100QB-11.04 Fuel pipe(6A-A-320)
9087060089 washer M14X2F
BHF4PM095012(4PL127) Fuel injection pump
4100QBZL-11.05B-JH Fuel injection leak-off pipe assembly
KBAL-P035 Fuel leak-off hollow screw
4100QB-11-002-F Injector clamping bar
GB97-76 Washer 10
GB93-87 Spring washer 10
GB/T 6170-2000 Thin hexagon M6
4100QBZL-11.01.04 4 cylinder high pressure fuel pipe clamp
GB/T 5783-2000 Bolt M6×20
4100QB-11.02 Fuel pipe 550
JB/T 6013-2000 Link bolt M14×1.5
47001 Combination washer 14
4100QBZL-22.01 Pipe of come into water assembly,air compressor
4100QBZL-22-D00 3 Air compressor
4100QB-11.04 Transport oil hose (6A-A-335)
47001 Combination washer 10
JB/T 6013-2000 Link bolt M10×1
 Cross slip block
 Gasket,power turning pump
HV0716-120/120 Power turning pump
GB93-87 Spring washer 10
GB/T 70.1-2000 Bolt M10X30
4100QBZL-22.02 Return pipe assembly,air compressor
4100QBZL-03-020-FT Front lifting eye
GB/T 5783-2000 Bolt M10×75
GB93-87 Washer 10
GB97-85 Spring washer 10
GB/T 5783-2000 Bolt M10×25
GB/T 5783-2000 Bolt M10×30
4100QBZL-19-003 A Spread pressing pole
4100QBZL-19-006 Spread pressing slipcover
4100QBZL-19-002 B Compressor adjusting pole
4100QBZL-19.01A Compressor bracket
GB/T 5783-2000 Bolt M10×45
GB/T 5783-2000 Bolt M10×50
4100QBZL-19-004 Compressor compaction slipcover
GB6170-86 Thin hexagon M10

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