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Products > Construction Machinery > > BONFIGLIOLI 575L,577L,580L reductor assembly
Product name : BONFIGLIOLI 575L,577L,580L reductor assembly
Item : 2014926145138
Item : BONFIGLIOLI 575L,577L,580L reductor assembly
Part number :  575L,577L,580L
Pacakge : Cartons,wooden case,etc
Brand : 
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BONFIGLIOLI 575L,577L,580L reductor assembly:

◆ Changchi: 510,512,515,520,520,525,527,530 such as gearboxes and parts.
◆ temporary workers: 1608,515,520,525,527,530,538 such as gearboxes and parts.
◆ JAC Liu'an: 5T15, MSN-5S, 5T30,5T46,5T88,5T97 such as gearboxes and parts.
◆ WANLIYANG gearbox : WLY520, WLY525, WLY525H, WLY526, WLY528, WLY530,
    WLY530H, WLY535, WLY535H, WLY538H, WLY540, WLY540F, WLY540H, WLY545
    such as gearboxes and parts.
◆ Dongfeng  : JS5-185, JA5-350, JS5-550, JS6-460, JS6-550, JS6-650 / 750, JS6-850,
    JS4-960 (buses) and other transmissions and parts.
◆ Jinhua Tang teeth: TC530-35A, TC540-50, TC646, TC653, TC675-85A, TC690, TC540BNF,
    TC520NF, TC530HF such as gearboxes and parts.

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